The new version of Onspot is now online.
New features

New ticket views now available!

Hey there!

We’ve got some cool updates in your “Tickets” tab!

Our latest upgrade lets you and your team check out 5 new views. The main view, “All Tickets,” gives you a bird’s-eye view of all the tickets created by our OnSpot teams for your clients.

Depending on your role in the agency, you’ll have access to all tickets related to the “trips” your colleagues (as an “Admin”) or just the ones for the trips you’ve enrolled yourself (as an “Agent”). In line with this, the “My Tickets” view will show you only the tickets for files you’ve created. The other three views are what we call “status” views. They let you see tickets by specific statuses: “New” (for all the new inquiries waiting to be handled by our Spotters), “In Progress” (for those being worked on, maybe waiting for a response from a supplier or DMC, for example), and “Resolved,” for all the cases where we’ve found a solution. We’re planning more cool updates soon, so feel free to give us your thoughts on this new feature.

Catch you later!

Benoit Cerceau
January 25, 2024